Have Your Say: Physiotherapy Services for Adults with Cerebral Palsy



A survey about ‘the views and perspectives of adults with cerebral palsy about physiotherapy’ is open. The study has been reviewed and given a favourable opinion by Brunel University Research Ethics Committee (reference number 11389-LR-Dec/2018- 15508-1, and 11389-A-Feb/2019- 18078- 1).


To complete the survey, and for further information, please follow this link:




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Additional Information


Little is currently known about how physiotherapy services are received by adults with CP, therefore a collaboration of researchers from Brunel University London and The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have launched this survey. Any adult with Cerebral Palsy from the UK and Ireland is eligible to take part.


The main aims of the survey are to understand the reasons why people try to access services, what services are actually provided, and in turn what is valued and / or could be improved. The findings could lead to guidance on what areas require further research and how to model and improve services.


This survey provides an opportunity for adults with CP to have their opinions heard, and to be a part of what is promising to be an exciting time for research in this area. In the last year alone:



  • RADiCAL a research group specific to research into adults with CP has been set up



  • And the Adult CP Hub charity who are providing a much-needed call for action for adults with cerebral palsy, has been launched





Posted on 4th September 2019